Kızılay Culture & Art
Kızılay Culture & Arts
Kızılay Culture & Arts
Kızılay Culture & Arts conducts cultural, artistic, and scientific studies to raise awareness among the masses involved in the fields of humanitarian aid, disaster, and public health. Kızılay Culture & Arts is a subsidiary of Kızılay Yatırım. All of the revenues obtained are transferred to Kızılay and are used in humanitarian aid activities.

Kızılay Culture & Arts operates sales points within Kızılay’s museums and carefully carries out the design and production processes of all products offered for sale in museum stores with the aim of protecting their cultural and historical heritage and making them available to the general public.

In addition to coordinating the design and procurement processes of all promotional products that Kızılay requires, Kızılay Culture & Arts also provides end-to-end service in terms of special product design and production on behalf of institutions and organizations within the scope of Kızılay collaborations.

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